Scalp micropigmentation for women is designed to help the forty percent of American hair loss sufferers that are actually female. Hair loss in women can be absolutely devastating for the sufferer’s self image and emotional well being.

Unfortunately, society has forced women to suffer in silence. It is considered far more acceptable for men to go through the same hair loss process. The psychological damage for women caused by hair loss and feeling unattractive can be just as devastating as any serious disease, and in fact, can take an emotional toll that directly affects physical health. Robbed of her ‘crowning glory’, the emotional impact on a woman can exacerbate the trauma.

It is a subject that remains largely taboo and few women are willing to discuss it publicly as they are continually assaulted with images of models with beautiful flowing locks. Suffering in silence many often resort to spending vast amounts of money on commercially marketed treatments that can be largely ineffective.

Scalp micropigmentation offers immediate results and will instantly create the illusion of thicker hair by camouflaging the affected areas of the scalp or bare patches. Most importantly, SMP does not interfere with the body’s own ability to regenerate the follicles nor does it damage existing follicles. For women suffering hair loss due to treatable physical or mental illnesses, deficiencies or circumstances, the natural hair growth can often resume once these conditions are resolved.

SMP also works beautifully in conjunction with hair enhancements and wigs that may currently be worn by a woman to hide any hair loss. With scalp micropigmentation, women no longer have to avoid certain activities where your hair piece cannot be worn such as swimming or high impact physical activities. SMP permanently creates the illusion of density and a thicker looking mane on your own scalp so you don’t feel exposed or self conscious without your hair piece. What’s more, once the treatment is completed, it requires very little maintenance or effort so there is no checking the mirror every time the wind blows to make sure your hair is in place to camouflage the bare areas.

​Reagan treats everyone as an individual and adapts her procedures to deliver the look that you desire.

In order to improve the service, particularly for women, she is partnered with Antonino Salon & Spa, a long-established salon with an esteemed reputation including being voted Hour Detroit’s Best Salon 4 years in a row. Working in partnership with Anthony Marseles and his staff, or with your own hair stylist if you prefer, she can tailor a style and look that will truly transform your appearance and enhance your confidence.

Female pattern baldness

​Similar to male-pattern hair loss, both heredity factors and hormones seem to play major roles in female pattern hair loss. However, patterns of hair loss appear differently in women than in men. Women with androgenetic alopecia more often have diffuse thinning on all areas of the scalp.

The pattern and extent of hair loss for women is shown on the Savin Scale, which measures overall thinning as well as the density of the hair. The Savin Scale illustrated below shows the common areas of hair loss in women that can be aided with scalp micropigmentation.

Diffuse thinning

Diffuse Hair Loss is a loss of hair or generalized hair thinning that affects the entire scalp and is a common type of hair loss in both males and females of all ages. With Diffuse Hair Loss, much of the hair remains, but the diameter of the hair shaft is smaller than normal hair and therefore exposes more of the scalp through it.

Hair thinning after menopause

By the age of 50 over half of all women have experienced thinning hair. The effects of Menopause are known to exacerbate the problem. Menopause is a common cause of hair loss. Hair grows in a certain cycle — growing, resting, dropping out — and when you’re stressed, whether physically or emotionally, the hair goes into the resting phase. This is caused by a combination of factors: stress, illness, and Menopause. This means that when hair follicles eventually move on to the dropping-out part of the cycle, you’ll lose more hair in one dropping out cycle than if you were relaxed and happy. What’s more, the hair that replaces this will not be as thick or as strong.

After Menopause, thinning of the hair is more pronounced. Hair can also become thin at the front, similar to the male pattern of thinning. This is because the hair follicles are responding in exactly the same way as in balding men to the testosterone in the blood.

​Levels of the female hormones Estrogen and Progesterone fall during Menopause while Testosterone sometimes increases, and this seems to affect hair follicles causing the hair to thin. All women have Testosterone; this is perfectly normal. The balding does not mean that the woman has more Testosterone; it simply means that the hair follicles on her scalp are oversensitive, which is probably inherited. The hair will eventually not become any worse. There is no need to worry that you will become completely bald, unfortunately you may consider the thinning to be significant enough to warrant attention.

smp treatment for women: Density & Volume boost (DVB)

​The Density and Volume Boost (DVB) treatment is available to women who are concerned that their existing hair is thinning. This treatment works with the existing hair length to create a thicker fuller look that gives you the ability to continue styling your hair at your preferred length.

If you have thinning hair and have become accustomed to only being able to wear it in one way to disguise the patchy areas, this density-enhancing technique could work for you. Working between your hair follicles, Reagan is able to apply pigments with pinpoint precision creating a full dense appearance. No more expensive and time-consuming thickening products, shampoos, waxes or sprays, and no more worrying about the weather or elements exposing the hair loss unexpectedly.

​The DVB treatment disguises thinning areas and works with a range of hair colors and styles to improve the overall appearance. By focusing on ideal pigment placements that work within the existing follicles, a new dimension is added to your hair so it genuinely looks thicker.

​The DVB treatment has so many benefits for women, including greatly increasing the variety of ways in which you can style your hair. This treatment enhances the appearance of density, meaning hair looks thicker within one treatment. Working in conjunction with your personal hair stylist or a resident stylist from Antonino Salon & Spa, a totally new look can be created, one you’d never even thought possible.