Feathered Hairline

The softest edges and most realistic hairline ideal for both male and female clients.Soft and slightly receding, this hairline is understated yet never underdone in order to deliver the most unbelievableresults.It requires the highest level of accuracy with greater definition using careful variances in pigment density and placement to deliver the most realistic hairline on the market today.

Defined Hairline

A crisp, sharp and defined hairline that is particularly popular with male African American and Asian clients, this procedure restores a modern, youthful and defined hairline.

Broken Hairline

The Broken hairline sits in between the Defined and Jagged hairline options – it has a strong shape like the Defined, but with a softer edge similar to the Jagged.This hairline works particularly well with Caucasian males, offering a strong hairline without the strong contrast of the Defined Hairline option which can look a little unnatural on lighter skin tones.

Jagged hairline

One of the most natural looking hairlines offered, this hairline is suited to all clients looking for a softer and more natural look.With the Jagged Hairline, pigments are randomly placed, e.g. higher and lower, and with different spatial gaps replicating the natural dispersal of hair follicles on the scalp.

The Closely Shaven head

By far the most common application of Scalp Micropigmentation, most male clients want to achieve the illusion of a shaved head to hide the appearance of hair loss.With countless celebrities sporting the style from David Beckham to LeBron James, from Jason Statham to The Rock, and many more, the timeless cropped style is more desirable than ever.It’s a classic shaven look and is universally acknowledged and accepted as the world’s most popular haircut that’s natural in any environment.Whatever your career, whether you wear a uniform or a suit, whether you’re a student or a Chief Executive, your new style and new-found confidence is very likely to benefit your career prospects.


Density & Volume Boost

The Density and Volume Boost treatment is available to both female or male clients who are concerned that their existing hair is thinning.This treatment works with the existing hair length to create a thicker fuller look that gives you the ability to continue styling your hair at your preferred length.

If you have thinning hair and have become accustomed to only being able to wear it in one way to disguise the patchy areas, this density-enhancing technique could work for you.Working between your hair follicles, Reagan is able to apply pigments with pinpoint precision creating a full dense appearance.No more expensive and time-consuming thickening products, shampoos, waxes or sprays, and no more worrying about the weather or elements exposing the hair loss unexpectedly.

​The DVB treatment benefits men, disguising thinning areas and works with a range of hair colors and styles to improve the overall appearance.By focusing on ideal pigment placements that work within the existing follicles, a new dimension is added to your hair so it genuinely looks thicker.

​The DVB treatment has so many benefits for women, including greatly increasing the variety of ways in which you can style your hair.This treatment enhances the appearance of density, meaning hair looks thicker within one treatment.Working in conjunction with your personal hair stylist or a resident stylist from Antonino Salon & Spa, a totally new look can be created, one you’d never even thought possible.